Technology Enabler for Geolocated IoT

We offer innovative solutions
to track any connected objects
through Low-Power Wide-Area Networks

News : Wisol and Ubiscale empower IoT trackers for mass-market


Why Internet of Things evolution needs geolocation revolution?

Most of positioning technologies are intended for navigation (GNSS…) or Point-of-contact (RFID…) purposes while the rising IoT & M2M applications push for:

  • Variety of positioning needs:
    global-scale/local-scale, indoor/outdoor, semi-static/mobile, on-demand/scheduled

  • Long-life, to the extent of “drop & forget”

  • Connectivity with long range LPWA networks:
    LoRa©, SigFox©, Qowisio©

  • Cost & form-factor optimization

We intend to be your technology partner for all those challenges to unleash IoT opportunities.


You are IoT solution enabler or designer of connected objects :

Ubiscale intends to be your partner to realize powerful design with shortest time-to-market.

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You are IoT service providers:

Ubiscale proposes to add unique value-added geolocation services to your ecosystem.

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UBISCALE at a glance

Ubiscale’s mission is to enable our customers catching new opportunities that are made possible by new long-range networks.

Ubiscale specializes in Geolocation technologies and related outcomes on electronic design, embedded software, network integration and system qualification.

Target applications are all type of services in consumer & professional IoT/M2M markets where keeping track of position makes sense.

It includes trackers, beacons, tags, wearables applied to people/animal/objects tracking, geo-marketing, logistics, asset management…

Our ambition are served both by expert people that are definitely customer oriented, and by R&D delivering patented & outperforming technologies.

They support us !

Ubiscale has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Management Team

Mikaël Guenais

Mikaël Guenais is graduated from the top french schools « Ecole Polytechnique » and « Télécom Paris ». Mikaël has cumulated 15 years of experience in Telecom design & project management acquired as co-founders of several start-up and various positions in Motorola, Texas Instrument & Renesas. He is also a recognized expert in IoT domain with track records as independant consultant.


Samuel Ryckewaert

Samuel Ryckewaert is graduated from the top French engineering school « Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique » . After 5 years covering large scope of hardware & software design within FillFactory, Cypress Semiconductor and TeamCast, Samuel has gathered 8 years of track records in business development for TeamCast covering USA, Europe, Asia and Middle-East. As manager of a business activity, he acquired solid experience in B2B sales & marketing for radio technologies in telecom, media & defense markets.


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Where to find us?

At the heart of Rennes Telecommunication Cluster in France
1 avenue de Bellefontaine 35510
Cesson Sévigné – France