Geo IoT
revolution for your business

Geo IoT is the combination of smart geolocation technologies together with breakthrough Internet-of-Things wireless technologies such as Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWA/LPWAN).


Nowadays, the smartphones give to any users the sense of ubiqitous Location-Based Services (LBS).

To provide location information, complementary sources are available :

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) deliver global geolocation services. GPS is the most well known and Galileo will be fully operational by 2020.
  • Cellular networks serve geolocation according to the density of telecommunication towers.
  • Wi-Fi offers wide indoor location capabilities, especially in urban areas, by analysing surrounding access points.
  • Bluetooth enable proximity location thanks to widespread beacons.

Ubiscale makes those legacy technologies sized for IoT, focusing on cost & energy savings.
Depending on applications, they are combined smartly with additional sensors to insure location accuracy and availability.

Geo IoT enables affordable & ubiquitous location data that are valuable for numerous business verticals:

Asset tracking & protection

Unpowered assets such as pallets, containers and other mobile assets used in logistics can be tracked to optimize Return-on-Investment and be protected against risks of loss or theft.

Smart industries & smart cities

Unpowered tools, public assets and shared-fleets can be accurately monitored to improve complex processes and maintenance efficiency.


Ultra small IoT devices can assist workers, exposed people and other mobile users to improve security and foster mobility.

Ubiscale has acquired a broad experience to propose the right solutions across multiple business constraints.

We intend to be your Geo IoT experts.