Software innovation for IoT tracking

Ubi.cloud shifts power-draining GPS and Wi-Fi processings to the cloud to minimize size, power consumption and cost of trackers.


Offer GPS for worldwide outdoor geolocation and WiFi sniffing for indoor/urban geolocation.


Cut receiver chipsets consumption by up to 10x versus state-of-the-art.

to market

Use leading & cost-effective hardware components.

How it works

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Key features

Ubi.cloud API services works with two embedded technologies : UbiGNSS and UbiWIFI to fulfil with all requirements for asset tracking.

UbiGNSS on-time per position

3sec avg -> 10x savings in comparison with GPS cold-start @ 30sec

UbiWiFi on-time per position

0,3 sec avg -> 10x savings in comparison with native Wi-Fi sniffing @ 3sec

Typical accuracy


Embedded software libraries

available for leading GNSS/Wi-Fi hardware

Compact pre-processed payload

10 bytes per position, uplink only

Operates with all LPWA

Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, custom

Ubi.cloud API output

Position + accuracy metrics

Chipsets can be powered off between positions

No need for Idle energy, nor downlink data

Flexible business models

Pay-as-you-go or life-time licenses


Example of an asset tracker for containers designed to run 4 years on LPWA

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energy cost


Only software

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